Cancellation Policy

Cancellation fee schedule: $10

For “Ride NOW” reservations:

You can cancel at any time; however, you will incur a cancellation fee. When you book a reservation using the “Ride NOW” app the vehicle is immediately dispatched to your location. The cancellation fee is paid to the operator in consideration for their time and fuel expense. To cancel a “Ride NOW” reservation, you must select the “Cancel” button inside the app.

The operator will treat your ride as “cancelled” in the event that they cannot locate you at the designated pick up location, and they cannot contact you for further instruction. Cancellation fees will be charged at that time.

If for any reason the operator cancels a ride or does not show up within the expected pick-up time, the customer may cancel the ride without incurring the cancellation fee. If you mistakenly incur a cancellation fee in a case such as this, please contact Customer Care via email at or via phone: (915) 227-3978 or (915) 276-0980 for a refund.

For “Ride LATER” reservations:

You may cancel up to two (2) hours before the scheduled pickup time and NOT incur a cancellation fee. If you cancel such a reservation less than two (2) hours before pickup, you will incur a cancellation fee totaling the full amount of the reservation. Note: Dispatch will occasionally accommodate changes to this policy.

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