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The AndaleRide mobile app was developed to meet the needs of today’s busy lifestyle. People on the go, who seek transportation in the safest, most efficient, and cost effective way without the hassles of driving.

AndaleRide drivers are professional, fully vetted, insured and properly licensed.

You have choices with AndaleRide. The app will allow you to request a ride immediately – or schedule one for later.

Once the ride is requested, you will see the fare estimate and be able to pay automatically through your smartphone.

AndaleRide offers you all of these features and more.

App Features


AndaleRide rates are designed to be sensible and affordable. No extra charges for peak times, weekends, sporting or entertainment venues. Meter based rates allow you to pay only for what you need. Your fares are automatically charged to your credit card. No need for cash!

Booking confirmations are just an estimate. The Base Fare is just an Estimate based on mileage only – the actual fare will vary based on actual mileage.

Rates are not all inclusive. Applicable tax, tolls, parking and driver gratuity are not included. For your convenience, a discretionary gratuity is set at 15% of the Base Fare. At the end of each Trip, you have the option to adjust the discretionary gratuity based on your ride experience. The driver gratuity, which is completely discretionary, may be increased, decreased or eliminated entirely at the end of each ride. Gratuity options are available to you when you submit payment.

Insurance Protection

Protecting passengers is our number one priority. From the time you step into our vehicle until you depart, we have you covered. AndaleRide is worry free when it comes to insuring your ride.


Your safety is our number one priority at all times. To ensure that you feel comfortable every time you step into our vehicles, AndaleRide has developed strict safety guidelines. That means all of our drivers are thoroughly vetted. Federal, state and local counties are checked for offenses. Additionally, ongoing reviews of driver’s motor vehicle records are performed. All drivers are fully insured and have full operating authority as required by the states and/or localities in which they operate.

You should also know that AndaleRide has a zero tolerance for drug and alcohol abuse. Drivers will be immediately removed from our driver pool if a customer reports such abuse or if the driver receives a citation accordingly.

AndaleRide has implemented a driver identification system so you can see who is behind the wheel when they arrive. A picture of the driver and vehicle type will appear on your AndaleRide mobile app, once the driver accepts your ride.

AndaleRide is fully committed to ensuring that every ride you take is worry free and relaxing.

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